Mauricio and Karie of The Talking Hours are a fierce, no nonsense, duo best known for their fiery live performances. Hailing from Albuquerque, New Mexico the duo formed in 2015 and cut their teeth in the local music scene while touring extensively through the southwest and west coast regions of the country. Drawing influences from a wide spectrum of favorite artists, The Talking Hours are hard to fit into one genre of music. Since their formation Mauricio and Karie have been experimenting with different methods to see how far two people can take music without the restraints of genre and labels. The Talking Hours are known for weaving elements of rock, blues, punk, metal, and electronic music into one infectious sound.

An expression of life. An expression of love. It is the journey into our past, present and future. How far can two people take music without the restraints of genre. It's about being and staying true to yourself. It's about adapting to the world around you. It's about art, passion and dedication. It's about knowing yourself and forgiving yourself. It's about resilience, the capacity to recover from difficulties and toughness through compassion and understanding. 

We all are the future | Love & Respect | M&K